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What is the Renovation and Construction Bond proposal?

Also known as Proposal 1, the bond proposal is a 1.25-mil request that would provide funding for a $26 million expansion and renovation of Holland Community Aquatic Center.


Why are we doing this?

Steady growth across all of our programs has brought our facility to capacity, making it difficult to balance simultaneous uses. The expansion and renovation are necessary to ensure everyday access for all ages and families for years to come.


What is included in the expansion and renovation?

The expansion and renovation includes warm-water leisure access, updated wellness spaces, an additional lap pool, increased spectator seating and mechanical improvements. Working with experts in community-based aquatics programming, we identified these critical opportunities for improvement, and we are developing specific plans for expansion.


Who is eligible to vote in the election?

All registered voters living in Holland Public School District can vote on the bond proposal on May 7, 2019.


Who is impacted by the changes if the millage passes?

The entire community will benefit from the millage. If passed, the millage will allow every age and every family access every day.


When would the construction on HCAC begin?

If approved, construction will likely begin in 2020 and wrap in 2021. We have plans in place to minimize the impact on users.


I remember voting on a millage for the HCAC in May. What was that and why do we need another vote?

In May, 2018, voters approved a 5-year millage renewal at the current rate supporting building operations. The new millage is a 20-year bond for facility renovations and expansion.


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