Moments & Memories: Competitive

Mar 22, 2019News

Susan DeJong, Mom, Grandma, former HPS Board Vice-President, & Community Member

“As a former swim parent, I saw how this place uniquely enriched the lives of our young athletes. Swimmers from Holland Christian and Holland Public share locker rooms, pool time, and compete fiercely against each other – yet still support each other as friends and swimmers. As a former trustee on the HPS school board, I also appreciated how having a ‘community pool’ saves money for all of our schools.”

FUN FACT: Our schools save significant funds by partnering with us. They don’t have to own and operate their own pools. This gives schools more dollars for teachers and their own instructional programs!

Jean Luc Miralda, MLA Head Diving Coach

“Our pool is a superior facility for diving instruction and competition. It would be wonderful to maintain this standard in future years. It helps us attract both new divers and elite-level divers alike.”

FUN FACT: The earliest recorded major diving competition took place in 1871 off the London Bridge. It sure is a benefit that Holland divers have a quality diving training facility in their own community.

Jim Whitehead, HCAC/MLA Head Coach & Competitive Programs Manager

“Our pool is a great space! It’s great for learning, training, and competing. We also have a great staff that is friendly and supportive. We’re attracting swimmers and their families from all over our region. However, all of this activity puts pressure on our programs and services calendar. With updates and improvements, we’ll be an even better community center.”

FUN FACT: The water temperature for competitive swimming must be between 77 and 82 degrees. This is why the water feels cool to practically everyone else!