The Proposed Footprint

The bond proposal will raise $26.3 million if approved. Based on the current concept drawings, approximately $14.9 million will go toward renovation and $11.4 million will go toward new construction.

With input from experts and community members, pool leaders studied facility needs, finances and future use trends for nearly two years. They focused on creating the most efficient and appropriate plan for securing our pool’s future sustainability. Costly “bells and whistles” were rejected. 

The benefits of UNIVERSAL DESIGN are central to the pool’s renovation and construction plans.

A. 100% “no steps” entry and improved accessiblity for all

B. A large canopy over the drop-off and pick-up area to better protect children and older users from rain, snow and ice

C. More “warm water” options for users

D. Conveniently located “family” locker rooms

E. Improved safety and security

F. Expanded community gathering spaces


  • More natural light and improved energy efficiencies
  • Improved facility infrastructure, HVAC and mechanicals
  • Improved “at the same time” experiences for both competitive teams and event spectators at the 50m pool and the parents, grandparents and youngsters enjoying the splash zone
  • Improved flexibility in calendar/program scheduling to serve everyone (without the current schedule juggling) when the pool is open

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